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Capt. Leland is well prepared for inshore light tackle fishing around the Charleston harbor and surrounding estauries. The light Hell's Bay Marquesa is perfect for getting up into the shallow waters of the flats to fish for redfish. You won't be lacking any gear for your fishing trip.


18' Hell's Bay Marquesa18’ Hell’s Bay Marquesa

The speedy, 18-foot Marquesa fishing boat tops out at nearly 50 mph thanks to its 115 hp Yamaha outboard. This skiff is great for a Charleston inshore fishing charter, with its rough-water capability and shallow draft.

The Marquesa has unique integrated spray rails on its hull, so the fishing party stays remarkably dry, even when the water is choppy. This boat has nice storage capacity for up to 18 fishing rods, as well as a 36-gallon release/live well system, so it's popular among serious tournament anglers and professionals.

24' Yellowfin Bay Boat