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Captain Legare Leland is a leading inshore fishing guide in Isle of Palms, SC. Learn more about our charters below, and contact us today to book your trip!


What to Expect

It’s still dark in Charleston, SC, as your party approaches the slip where your Head Shaker fishing charter boat is docked. There, USCG-licensed Capt. Legare Leland is making the final preparations for your Charleston/Isle Of Palms fishing charter. Capt. Leland, your inshore fishing guide, has loaded the gear and already caught today’s fresh bait – chosen specifically for the type of fish you are after.

Relying upon tide charts and decades of fishing and boating experience – and depending on your flexibility - Headshaker Charters will recommend the optimum day and time to help ensure a fun, productive Charleston/Isle of Palms fishing excursion.

After a short cruise up the coast, you reach your fishing destination. Whether you are poling the flats fishing for redfish, or fishing the inlets  for flounder, trout, and reds, Capt. Leland has selected this spot for optimum fishing success. When the time is right, you cast your line. Of course, if you have more fishing enthusiasm than experience, Capt. Leland will be glad to cast for you until you get the hang of it. Anglers at every skill level will enjoy their HeadShaker fishing charter!


#31 (460x460) Laurens red fish, Charleston SCFlexibility is Key with Headshaker Fishing Charters

On a perfect day, you will have arrived at the ideal fishing spot, and you can stay for hours. However, if for some reason the fish aren’t hitting, usually within 20 minutes or so, Capt. Leland is ready. It may require a new type of bait, different gear, traveling to a new spot, or going after a different species of fish. Headshaker Charters has the flexibility that comes from a lifetime on the water to make the best of any fishing conditions.

Sometimes you spend a few hours, have some fishing success and head back. Sometimes it’s an off day that just turns around at the last minute. Sometimes, you are so successful that, frankly, you have had your fill halfway through your fishing charter. Why not spend the rest of the time cruising up and down the coast? Headshaker Charters are designed to be flexible and responsive, and always have your enjoyment in mind.

Kids are Always Welcome on Headshaker Fishing Carters

Did you bring your kids on your fishing excursion? If so, Headshaker knows that showing your kids a good time is the focus. Experienced, mature anglers know that sometimes the fish are biting, and sometimes they aren’t. But when children are on board, a catch is mandatory, or you will see some long faces. Rest assured that Capt. Leland is on the case. Whatever adjustments he must make to put a fish on that child’s hook, he will do it. Also, the younger the kids, the less patience they will have for the fishing experience, especially in the hot sun. Capt. Leland is the father of a two young boys and daughter, so he knows how to keep kids occupied and entertained, which also provides a more relaxing fishing experience for dad and mom.

Releasing a big red drum (spot-tailed bass)Experience Carolina Coast Fishing with Headshaker Charters!

At the end of your fishing trip you return to the dock, either at Shem Creek or the Isle of Palms. You may have brought your catch, maybe not. Either way, Head Shaker Charters is sure you will take home a boatload of memories. It’s not just about the number of fish you catch - it’s the fun you have with your friends and family. And we sincerely hope to be your preferred Charleston/Isle of Palms fishing charter – your fishing guide - for many years to come.

Thanks for your interest in Headshaker Fishing Charters. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an inshore fishing charter, contact me today.