Winter RedFish in Charleston SC

Don’t forget to pack some smaller flies. We were throwing all the go to flies and nothing seemed to work. The Redfish were rolling on their sides and seemed happy, so I was stumped. I thought maybe something smaller might do the trick.
Way to go Mark! Always a pleasure spending the day with you!!

Capt. Legare Leland

Early Morning Fishing Charter

Isle of Palms Fishing Charter

Left the Isle of Palms marina before daybreak searching for redfish. Pressure from increased fishing activity this time of year leads to frequent early morning fishing charters depending on tides. We reached the skinny waters of Hamlin Sound in about 10 minutes. I pushed through the flats for a good 15 minutes before spotting some tailing fish. The first few fish were caught sight casting to schooling redfish with artificial lures but, live mullet was easily their preference. The bite turned on around 7:30 AM and the reels screamed until we ran out of bait and headed home for an early lunch.

The Redfish are Biting

Finding redfish during spring months is half the battle.

Redfish Action Returns as Shallow Waters Warm

The water temperature in the intracostal waterway between Mount Pleasant and Isle of Palms has been above 60 degrees for the past 10 days. I’ve run early morning and afternoon fishing charters for the past week and the redfish bite has been improving every day.

Finding redfish during spring months is half the battle. Redfish eating habits have been a bit finicky.  I pushed into a school of hundreds of reds and threw everything at them – live minows, crab, soft plastics, top water lures, the whole tackle box – and not a single bite! While stalking redfish this week I saw multiple schools of shrimp, blue crab and mullet so reds have a diverse menu.