About Capt. Legare Leland

Decades of Fishing Experience Capt. Legare Leland (it’s pronounced luh-GREE) has spent a lifetime on the water. Born and raised in Charleston SC, he has logged thousands of hours fishing inshore, nearshore and offshore from the Carolinas to the Bahamas and Mexico. Over a decade ago, Capt. Leland launched Headshaker Charters, and has led hundreds of light-tackle fly fishing charters to the inlets, sounds and saltwater flats across the Charleston area.

A Licensed Captain, Fully Insured

Capt. Leland attended Sea School and earned the US Coast Guard-approved OUPV (6-Pack) Captain’s Charterboat License. Licensed captains must master not only navigation and rules of the road, but also firefighting, survival skills, CPR and first aid. A physical exam and drug test are also required at licensing.

An Appreciation for Family Fishing

Capt. Leland enjoys leading all types of fishing charters, from the hardcore professional anglers to the beer buddies to the corporate gatherings. However, he has particular fondness for family fishing.

Having spent most of his early years on the water with his father, Capt. Leland knows about the special family bond that forms on the fishing boat, a bond he shares with his own son and daughter. That’s why youngsters are always welcome aboard Headshaker Charters. Capt. Leland will do whatever it takes to keep the kids entertained and, most importantly, catch some fish. When the kids are having fun, mom and dad are too!

Call Headshaker Charters Today!

If you are a fisherman planning a trip to Charleston, a fishing charter is practically a requirement! You will want a skipper with fishing expertise, one who knows the waters, and one who is dedicated to showing you a good time. That skipper is Capt. Legare Leland, and he’s waiting for your call. Contact Headshaker today to schedule an unforgettable Charleston fishing charter!

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