First Redfish Experience

Half-day charter – topwater trout at daybreak followed by 10 big reds. Can’t ask for a better introduction to Charleston fishing.

Charleston Double Play – Redfish and Topwater Trout

This morning’s fishing trip was a blast. The client was an experienced angler from the Netherlands who has fished all over the world and this morning was his first experience catching redfish in Charleston. We left Shem Creek around daybreak and spent a few hours catching seatrout with artificial lures – awesome topwater action. When the tide was right we moved to the ICW behind Isle of Palms and prepared for serious redfish action – an experience fishing guide doesn’t take a someone’s first experience catching redfish lightly! After poling around the flats and casting a variety of bait for an hour or so we found the spot. The pictures tell the story best.

2 thoughts on “First Redfish Experience”

  1. From the Highlands in Scotland and the great lakes of Africa straight to the shores of South Carolina.
    Different waters, different fish, but wow, what similar superb action. Fighting redfish certainly equals the atlantic salmon. I like the temperature here better though!
    Thanks captain for a new and exciting experience! Can’t wait for my next visit .

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